Social Media Marketing Tools and How to Use Them

Let’s get started understanding the foundations of digital marketing.  These are Social Media, Email Marketing, Display advertising, Video Marketing, and content creation and curation. All of these areas are key to using Digital marketing to build up awareness of your company and products, and can all be used in different ways. There are always new Digital marketing tools coming out, but when using these there are a good few things to keep in mind. Has the tool been proven to have a good reputation and usefulness by others in the industry? Keep free trials in mind these are of no cost to your company and show whether or not the tool is right for you. Finally, look for tools that can do more than one thing. These will help you in the long run when you need to complete digital marketing tasks that are larger in scope.  A brief overview of each of these follows for your reference

Social Media Marketing

Let’s begin with regular organic social media marketing. By this, it just means regular posts put up on all of the regular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat to build repour with the public. Which one of these platforms you choose to use will really depend on the kind of company you run. Make sure your posts are authentic and organic. Social media marketing is not the place for constant advertisement as people on these platforms are much savvier to this. Establish goals for what you want the social media marketing to do for you.  Remember that going into any new marketing endeavor always needs planning and should have goals set.

Now let’s look at promoting content on social media.  You can do this by paying for your posts to show up as advertisements that flow through naturally to users. These have a lot more benefit than traditional social media advertisements as you can choose the type of user you want to see the posts, and you can also really orient that post to hit that group as impactfully as possible to really gain their attention. Another tool for social media marketing that provides automation tools that link together all of your company’s social media accounts and allows you to have a full range of control on all of them simultaneously is an online program called Hootsuite.  There are a lot of applications that provide this tool but I would recommend Hootsuite as it is defiantly the top runner in this category. Some of the benefits to these applications are like setting up schedules when posts will go out the public, which sites posts will be posted on, a real time update of the reach and frequency of a post, and many other helpful tools.

Digital Advertising

There are a lot of different tools you can use for online advertising that all help you work with these methods:

  1. Display ads
  2. Search Ads
  3. Video ads
  4. Mobile ads

These four listed are the most effective methods of digital advertising par none.

Let’s get into what tools to use to make these methods work for you. The most effective tool for doing most of the kinds of advertisements we’ve discussed is by far Google Ad Manager. No surprise but currently Google is one of the most used online advertising tools available. It is very important to use all of Google ad managers features to the best of their abilities, as there is a good reason that this is one of the most used online advertisement platforms. It has evolved from just Google Ad words as its only service available, and has been merged with all of Googles other marketing tools into the Google Ad Manager, so when doing any kind of search engine marketing through Google, you just go through Google’s Ad Manager now.

Content Creation and Curation

There are a lot of different options when it comes to this and some of them include:

Adobe Spark: Adobe Spark is the new kid in town when it comes to this design content creation but the whole Adobe Creative Suite along with this will have you fully kitted out for almost every task you could run into when it comes to content creation.

When it comes to curation, it is all about building trust with your users so by using tools like:

  1. it,
  2. feedly,
  3. pocket,
  4. Pinterest, and

With these tools, curation of your content has never been easier as a marketer.

Email Marketing

When it comes to choosing the tools for email marketing efforts, there are quite a few tools out there, so I’ll recommend two of the best ones for your company right now:

HubSpot:  This is a great email marketing platform to help cut down on email marketing spam and it is currently the industry leader. Hubspot allows you to try for free.

Constant Content: This is a good secondary platform, probably the second best when compared to HubSpot. Constant Content comes with free trials.

There are other email marketing platforms but these two are by far the best and offer more features than all the others.

Search Engine Optimization

Let me explain that there are two different categories when it comes to search engine optimization; the free tools and the paid ones.

The best free tool by far is Google Search. You can find what search terms are the most commonly used on the site and from there you can find out where to put your company with searches to try to get the most clicks on your site.

In the market today, there are way too many to list paid tools.

  1. Moz Pro has been around for a really long time and has a ton of possible tools within itself although it is quite expensive for an account.
  2. Sem-rush is also a really good SEO tool to see what your competitors are doing and how there ranking.
  3. Ahrefs impressively has the second largest data bank of back searches second only to Google.


When looking at the marketing landscape right now, there is nothing more rapidly becoming more relevant than digital marketing and having a good understanding of the tools of this part of the marketing world will only become more and more important as time goes on. Everyone who has any interest in marketing should really take this tools into account and learn how to use them all to become extremely proficient in the future of marketing.



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